About Scalp Micropigmentation

A few sessions....a few thousand tiny dots and a totally new world!

That's how it feels for so many of our clients in our Brisbane hair loss clinic. Scalp Tattoos are an amazing break through not just in the hair loss, male grooming and beauty industries, but also as an amazing source of renewed confidence for men. 

Scalp Mircropigmentation has benefits that surpass other hair replacement options; no messy and expensive lotions, no ongoing medication that is costly (and can lower your sex drive), no invasive and risky surgery..... Tattoos for hair loss are emerging as a preferred hair replication option for many reasons. 

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Scalp Micropigmentation Brisbane Australia

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Prices can vary, just as levels of hair loss varies. But ultimately it is possibly the most affordable and long last hair loss solution available.

At Replique Clinic offers prices for every budget, from am hourly rate of approximately $350, through to an Introductory package of less than $3000. 

Want a live and specific estimate? The Replique has a Scalp Micropigmentation Cost Calculator. Click here for more information:

Scalp Micropigmentation is suitable to all candidates, no matter what the level of hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation delivers instant results and blends seamlessly with the clients naturally growing hair. Used to completely shaving your hair off?


No problem, Replique Clinic are experts in blending...we will match our specially produced scalp pigments to your natural hair tone, then perform the best Scalp Micropigmentation in the area where there is the most hair loss, and then blend down into the area where the hair still grows quite naturally.


While other hair replication or hair loss treatments can take months to get results. Hair Tattoos are immediate, you get results in your first session and the effect grows more dense with each session. 

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Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

Women have benefited from cosmetic tattooing for years, with the cosmetic tattooing of eyelids, lips and eyebrows becoming very popular. 

SMP is ideal for women who want to thicken the areas, such as around the temples, SMP is also ideal to cover any kind of scarring from hair extensions, glues and other factors that have created gaps in the scalp.

We have a range of specially developed pigments that will blend with any hair colour.

Scalp Micropigmentation Brisbane. Treats thinning hair in both women and men.
Scalp Micropigmentation Brisbane. Scott in action doing SMP.

Many hair loss cures, or hair replacement solutions will give an immediate and obvious result. Whether it is hair transplant surgery, or non-surgical hair replacement such as semi-permanent hair pieces, it is often difficult to go from balding, or thinning hair, to overnight having a full head of hair and full hairline restoration


Scalp Micropigmentation is growing to become one of Australia’s fastest growing hair loss solutions, part of this is the benefit of being able to offer a receding hairline treatment that is gradual.


Our client in these photos decided that he want a hair loss solution that would appear like his hair is growing back naturally. He wanted the appearance of a gradual hair regrowth, not an overnight fix, instead something occurred over several months. He has gone from very thin hair with male pattern baldness, to having a receded but full hairline.


We still have a few more sessions and centimetres of hairline tattooing to go, but he’s thrilled with his gradual return to a full hairline and his own customised hair loss cure.


We always read the hair restoration reviews and it’s great to see this treatment really giving guys confidence back. SMP looks like the client has benefited from a hair growth treatment, it genuinely gives the appearance of hair regrowth with the thousands of tiny pigment based follicle replicas being artful applied to the scalp. Whether you want an overnight solution, or a gradual hair replacement that goes at your pace, we can certainly help.

Scalp Micropigmentation:

Hair Replacement at your own pace!

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Before and during.... this client had very think hair and chose to have it replaced gradually so it appeared as though it were growing back. Once a week he'd come to our Brisbane Hair Replacement clinic for another session to fill out his thinning hairline. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Brisbane
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Free Patch Test!

It takes us a long time to lose our hair so getting a hair loss solution isnt something to rush into. Whether it is a hair transplant, hair piece, medication or some other hair loss solution, it is important to take your time and evaluate the pros and cons of the treatment or procedure. At Replque Clinic Brisbane we offer a free patch test for Scalp Micropigmentation. This is a great way to see how we are able to match the pigment to your hair follicle tone, and to also feel the sensation of the scalp tattoo. It is also a great way to meet the team and ask questions. 


You can arrange a free patch test by messaging 0498 988 131